Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A New Discovery in Prophecy
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(transcript of the video)
Greetings, I'm your host, Bill Weather.

In this video we are going to discuss a new discovery in the Shemitah Revelation. As some of you know, Rabbi Jonathan Cahns books, the harbinger and the mystery of the shemitah have been flying off the book shelves more than any other christian book in the last 20 years and in his books, he thoroughly documents this 7 year economic Biblical cycle we've been under for more than 40 years now.

However, I'm going to add a new discovery to Rabbi Cahn's revelations, something that is absolutely, stunning.

Now to lay the foundation for this new discovery, we gotta understand how God speaks through the number 7. If you read the book of revelation, there 7 lamp stands, 7 stars, 7 spirits of God, 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 angels, 7 thunders, 7 plagues, 7 golden bowls, 7 heads of the beast.

Other sevens God has made throughout creation, are the, 7 continents, 7 Oceans, 7 keys in the music scale , A thru G, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 days a week, there is the 7 major classes of nutrients, 7 natural wonders of the world and on and on.

God has woven the number 7 all thru out creation and all thru out scripture, but guess what else is based on sevens???? God's prophetic calendar or in other words, the timing of super huge prophetic events soon to come, and in a bit, we'll go thru it from scripture.

And do you know what the number 7 means? It has nothing to do with luck. The biblical number 7 is the number of completion or fullness. Its where we get the word several or to sever, a cutting off, and as I'm going to show, if 7 is the number of fullness and severing, then 7 x 7, would be even more of a fullness and severing.

Now let's lay the foundation of understanding, for this new discovery.

Here we have a chart of the last 40 years of economic chaos that's hit the US. Every major market shock, took place on a shemitah year, a shemitah year, being every 7th year. The shemitah is from Leviticus 25 in the bible, where God divides his calendar into, 7 year intervals, and once the cycle reaches 7 cycles of 7 years, he then calls for a 50th year, to be counted to top off the entire cycle, equating to a super shemitah, which was called, the year of Jubilee.

Here it is in scripture

Six years you shall sow your field... but the 7th year shall be a sabbath rest for the land... you shall not sow your field, nor prune your vineyard.... and you shall then number 7 sabbaths of years, seven times seven years... You shall then cause the trumpet of jubilee to sound throughout all your land.... and you shall hallow the 50th year...

But then God warns the Israelites, that if they dont keep his commands, this is what would happen to them.

I will destroy your high places... and your land shall be desolate and your cities waist.... then shall the land enjoy her Sabbaths.

As you can see, this pattern of sevens, is how God dealt with Ancient Israel and its also, how God is dealing with America today. Every 7th year, we've had what equates to a modern day forced sabbath of judgment, economic collapses.

Now, not covered by Rabbi Cahn in his books, here is, the new discovery!
In this economic crash chart, we see that every 7 years, we've had crashes and chaos happen to us as a nation. If we count the events of this seven year cycle, we come to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, and the 7th cycle, finishing in 2015. and we as a nation have come to our fulness and time of severing.

These cycles of 7 started with the crash of '66, when the market dropped 20% and was the 1st financial crisis since WW2. From there, to 2015, marks 49 years and 7 cycles of 7. The time of fullness is almost complete.

We are going to get a judgment event in this nation, like we've never seen before, and we're gonna cover what I think that is in a minute, but here is another, shocking revelation.

In the bible, when the 7 years of 7 are up, 49 years, then God counts the 50th year, that jubilee year, equating to a super shemitah. It's like the culmination of that whole cycle of 49 years, crunched into one year. And that year for America's super Shemitah, is the year 2016. That's got me on the highest alert because as God has revealed in Leviticus chapters 25 and 26, like he did with ancient Israel, if we do not repent as a nation, we will get a super shemitah of judgment, that hits the nation, a culminating judgment for these last 7 cycles of 7. Remember, if 7 is the number of fullness and severing, then 7x7 is even more so, but even more than that, the super shemitah, the 50th year, would be the most severe.

And now, between 2015 and 2016, its gonna be proven how wrong we as a nation have been, because America's not gonna repent, but there is hope. Jesus never gets tired of forgiving. On a personal level, all we gotta do is get honest and fess up and believe that he is the one, to come and save us and this planet, because if you truly believe, that faith will lead you to turn from your selfish living and embrace the Lord Jesus in spiritual cleanliness, sexual purity, and what is good, kind, loving and holy.

This new discovery and revelation, of America's 7 years of 7, is the biblical pattern of God's time table for dealing with this nation and proven so, by the events that have taken place every 7 years for the last 40 years. If America does not repent, we should expect at least 2 deadly events to hit, one between August and October of 2015 for the next shemitah and one between August and October of 2016 for the jubilee super shemitah.

Now there is way more confirmation to this chart. In the 2001 and 2008 crashes, the stock market had its 1st and 2nd biggest ever point drops on the same exact day 7 years apart, in God's lunar calendar, called the 29th of Elul, which was the most peak time of all the 7 year calendar.
The 2008 crash was a 7% drop, with a 7 hundred billion bailout plan, dropping in God's calendar, on the last day of the 7th year of the 7th month and dropping 777 points.

Hello!? How many 7 signs do you need to believe?
There is also an amazing super natural 777 sign, God had given me back in 2008, which you can read of here, at the qwakeup.org site. Just click this link and scroll down to get to it.

Now let's talk about what I believe those events to be, that are gonna begin to crash, the American Empire.

Here at the qwakeup.org site, there are 4 events I am watching for, Those 4 events are the west coast tsunami and mega quake, the east coast tsunami and the multi city terrorist attack. If you click this link on the tsunami and mega quake to hit California, you'll see that in several of the testimonies, these two events are supposed to happen at a late summer season, that culminating time in the Shemitah between august and october. Though no year of a late summer season is mentioned, these testimonies of what's coming to California in a late summer season, the timing of them, are a prophetic alignment with God's shemitah calendar.

Remember I was telling of the super shemitah jubilee year. And remember how we read in Leviticus 25 & 26, if the nation who God is dealing with does not recognize him and repent, then what was meant to be a jubilee super shemitah of blessing, would then become a super shemitah of judgment.

Now here, is another shocking revelation about the super shemitah. The statutes contained in the super shemitah, the jubilee, was that all slaves would go free, all debts would be canceled, the land would rest from farming and all land would return to original owners, but God says in Leviticus that if Israel did not keep the super shemitah and let the land rest, that the land would be taken from them and enemies would breach the borders.

This is what I believe the judgement is, that's coming to America. Land is going to be taken from America in the form of tsunamis and earthquakes, to fulfill that statute of his prophetic shemitah time table. This is what I am on watch for, from August to October in 2015 and 2016. (fade into main page) And if you start to see these events coming to pass, you need to start hunkering down, and begin to prepare for even bigger tribulation, because of the WW3 prophecies. Unless America repents, all these events are going to come upon her because there also needs to be an atonement. The US, for its own greedy benefit, has either destabilized or overthrown governments across the planet, causing many people to die of disease, bombings, poverty and all sorts of blood shed, as well as the notable completion of the first cycle with the passage of roe vs wade in 73, in killing over 50 million unborn babies.

The blood is not just crying out from America, Its crying out from all over the world and I believe, judgment strikes by the taking of land from us, in the form of tsunamis and the coming of the california mega quake, to fulfill the statute of the super shemitah. SO to get honest, you're gonna have to Fess up. You've been fooled to think America is so innocent, but God has been proving to us, this judgment to come, for close to 49 years now, in these 7 sevens of economic judgment. The pattern is set. Even an atheist would have to admit, the pattern is stunningly stubborn.

If this is all too hard for you to swallow, it may be because your security is wrapped up in this world and not, in the world to come, where Jesus Christ, will give us a new life, a way better life and guess what? It lasts forever... no more bills to pay, no more having to grind it out in traffic jams and keeping up with the rat race, no more hunger and poverty, no more loneliness, no more greedy banksters, no more war, and no more witchcraft politics. Perfect peace is coming, from the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, Christo Jesus......

Usted puede vivir, para siempre, en gloria, en Christo, Jesus
You can live forever, in glory, in Jesus Christ.

Until the next one, please, visit the web site for so much more of God backing these prophecies in signs, wonders, dreams and visions. Its all at qwakeup.org. God bless you and prosper you to prepare for the hard times coming, but always, looking up, to Jesus Christ, the one to free us from the matrix of this fallen ridiculous world.